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Cannabis Edibles and How They Came to Be: From India to America

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Sanskrit recipes for cannabis-infused food came about from the Hindus in as early as 1,000 BCE. These extracts such as Bhang are popular among Ancient Indians because of their solubility in oil, so you can fry just about anything in them using what's essentially cannabis butter. Sanskrit recipes when making all sorts of Edibles specify the use of ghee on cannabis by sauté prior to mixing with other ingredients in order to lock in those flavors. Modern cannabis-edibles, meanwhile, owe their existence to 1960s anti-authority counterculture and a little publication known as the Alice B. Toklas Cook Book. In it, it included a recipe for "haschich fudge" that the Sixties made popular, with Toklas' name and her infamous brownies became synonymous for.

The Modern Era of Cannabis Foods

  • All The Rage Nowadays: Edible cannabis foods are all the rage nowadays since the massive legalization trend in 2016. More and more states are legalizing the use of marijuana, particularly medicinal marijuana. What's more, eating an edible or drinkable form of the drug is much easier for many first-time users to take, particularly those in hospice. Instead of taking a tincture or drops of CBD unto themselves, they eat hashish brownies since it's easier to do than setting up a bong or rolling a joint. Get more Interesting details about THC Edibles on budderweeds.
  • Warnings in Terms of Novices: Sales for the edible have experienced a dramatic rise in some U.S.A. states wherein cannabis products have been legalized for recreational and/or medicinal usage. However, a rising concern in regards to the danger of certain edible products to inexperienced users and children has come about. It's particularly risky for those who are unaware that they're eating drugged food, with them panicking once they become high due to paranoia and ignorance.
  • Poison Control and Usage Responsibility: In 2008, the calls to poison control have had a sharp upturn because of dogs ingesting these edible treats infused with cannabis. In this modern era of cannabis legalization and edible marijuana food, as long as you take these cannabis-edibles responsibly and never give them to children or pets as well as offer high doses to first-time users, you're good to go. Be a responsible user with edible cannabis the same way you'd never feed your dogs coffee grounds or feed your child beer.


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