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Improving Your Online Security with Ease

Friday 10 May 2019 at 04:49 am.

The internet is a fun place to go to. The internet allows people to do a lot of transactions and more. Speaking of transactions, you need to be secured when doing this. This isn’t like a transaction at the store where you pay money and get the product right away. That’s because, on the internet especially when you have money and information stored, people can access it when they have the right knowledge and skills. You don’t have to worry as there are ways for you to improve your security online.

Ways and tips to improve your online security

1. When it comes to your password, try having something that is very hard to crack. Don’t use your birthday, children’s name, and others. Most people nowadays combine capital and small letters along with numbers.

2. In relation to your passwords, it is ideal to change them after some time. Most people change their passwords after a month but some people do it once a week. This sounds tiring but it can go a long way.

3. You could also use something like an internet verification system. This means that you can have something like a double password security. A good example is that once you input your password, another code will be sent to your device and you will need to put that code into the site to access it again.

Just a few things to consider

1. A different kind of verification is where you can input another code. The site will also do something like a captcha system to make sure that you’re the one inputting the code.

2. Make sure to have back up systems in case you forget your password and you’ll be the only one that knows the responses.

Improve your online security so that you can have safe transactions online. 


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